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Dog on Blue

The KIND of care your pet deserves.

Boom! Your new little buddy gets hurt. You rush them to the closest emergency hospital. They admit him. You receive the Good and bad news over the phone. They can treat your pet with surgery but it will cost $6K. You agree to Surgery. Your pet stays for three days no visits. Now it is time for your buddy to return home but you have no idea how your gonna deliver at-home care. Nope! there is nothing wrong with your reading, it does say to keep your puppy activity restricted for 4-8 weeks with a bandage? You suddenly feel overwhelmed before you can see your little buddy welcome back home kiss...This is when you book with SKOOP.



Support when you need it 

We deliver a one of a KIND service for pet owners. Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians are dedicated to helping you and your pet through a post-surgical procedure, chronic condition or acute episode. We understand the stress and challenges involved when a pet returns home from the hospital. Get ready to change that TODAY!

Our Story

Learn more about our mission, our team and our philosophy.

What We Do

Find the right care your pet needs and deserves.

Opening Hours!

We are open! Book an appointment. We will walk down the road to recovery with you and your pet. 

Reduce stress


Between the two of you and your pet, you guys have enough to worry about these days. Let us eliminate one less stressor.

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