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Getting Started


Whether you need assistance one-time or more frequently Skoop is here for you!


We provide the KIND of support that puts your mind at ease.

Follow the steps below to Get Started.

New Client

Please register below and we will contact you shortly to begin scheduling your next appointment. 

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New Client Registration

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Referral Options

 Our nursing experience allows us to deliver the care Veterinarians expect. We are ready to provide your clients the support they need to fulfill your Veterinary recommendations. Unfamiliar with us? Contact us at to arrange a virtual meet and greet with our team!


For pet parents in need of Nursing or Diagnostic services, kindly ask your veterinarian to complete a referral from. Once a form has been submitted your appointment can be approved. 

  • How much does this type of service cost?
    Check with your pet insurance policy to see if we qualify under supplemental policy. Generally, our supportive care fees fall between between $47-$84. Depending on your location travel fees may apply. Nursing and Diagnostic services can range between $62-$97 in addition to our nursing vist charge.
  • Feline Appointments
    For these majestic creatures, we believe they require a specific kind of care and approach. By nature, felines are selective and decisive. When it comes to medical treatments, strangers or new experiances have the potential to induce stress. Our goal is to minimize these triggers by using a "Fear-Free" approach. Our mobile care unit comes equipped with feline calming aids to help reduce stress. However, If you know your feline gets stressed during examinations, you may want to consult with your veterinarian about the option of using an antianxiety medication for future visits. This will allow for a smoother and safer experiance for your pet. If anti-anxiety medications are not recommended we can discuss alternative ways to deliver care in the most efficient and safest manner. Keep in mind, if at any time our feline friend poses a threat to themselves or to our team, we will have to discontinue the visit. We can resume services once we have a safer plan to deliver care. ​
  • What should I expect during a nursing appointment?
    Every appointment is accompanied by two knowledgable and experianced team members. During each appointment, we perform necessary vitals and deliver skilled nursing care to pets based on their veterinarian's recommendations. An assessment report is also generated for your pet records and veterinarian. We can perform a variety of diagnostics on site that would require a little collaboration with your veterinarian to complete a referral form and provide preferances.
  • What are your hours of operation?
    We are open Wednesday - Saturday from 9am-7pm. As we grow we will open up more days to assist families in need. Please feel free to reach us at if you have scheduling difficulties.
  • Do you have veterinarians available?
    Yes and No. We are mainly a Veterinary Nursing (Technician) service. We are not a replacement for Veterinarian advice or treatment. We do not diagnose, prescribe, perform surgery or conduct any anesthetic procedures. We strictly act according to your veterinarian's recommendations to facilitate and achieve the highest quality of care. However, if we have concerns about your pet during an appointment and your veterinarian is unavailable we will contact our internal Veterinarians for further guidance.
  • What are the COVID Safety precautions?
    We take COVID precautions seriously. Our approach is simple; to reduce transmission and keep it honest : ) Our clients are asked a short series of COVID related questions prior to their appointment. This will help us determine if clients are HIGH RISK vs LOW RISK. We will not dismiss clients who are deamed HIGH Risk, rather we will discuss how we can deliver care safely. Performing appointments inside our mobile care unit allows us to social distancing. Pet parents can monitor care from their mobile devices. We adhere to CDC recommendations, PPE, team temperature checks and follow routine disinfection schedules. Our team is tested routinely for internal monitoring. Everyones cooperation will allow us to continue serving pets of New York City. Your fur companions will appriciate it.
  • When do I need a referral?
    Nursing and Diagnostic services require referrals from your veterianarian prior to your pet's appointment. After downloading the Time-to-Pet app (client portal) and creating your pet(s) profile, you will be able to select services and choose an appointment time that works best for your schedule. You will receive a confirmation call once we have received your veterinarian's referral. If you have recent medical records email us at Supportive Care services generally do not require a referral form. However for medication administration services, we will need documentation indicating your pet has been prescribed medication by a doctor within the past 90 days. This could be represented in your last discharge instructions or an email between you and your Veterinarian. You can email supporting documents to
  • Canine Appointments
    Your canine friend will need to wear a secure collar or harness at the time of retrieval. Our canine patients will either walk up a ramp or be skooped and carried into our mobile unit to receive care. We understand medical treatments, strangers or new experiences have the potential to induce stress for many pets.Our goal is to minimize these triggers by using a "Fear-Free" approach. If you know your canine will be stressed during their appointment, we recommend discussing with your veterinarian the options of using antianxiety medications for future visits. This will allow for a smoother and safer experience for your pet. If antianxiety medications are not recommend we can discuss further how to deliver care in the most efficient and safest manner. Keep in mind, if at any time a canine poses a threat to themselves or to our team, we will have to discontinue the visit. We understand they may misread our intensions and may react negatively to our care. We can resume services once a safer plan has been considered. ​
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