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Friendly woman holding dogs legs in hand

Kindness goes a long way...





Our Mission:

We are a devoted veterinary nursing service here to offer support for pet families.


Our knowledge and experience allow us to deliver trusted services for pet families and their Veterinarians.


Innovative thinking gives us the ability to nurture and strengthen continuity of care for each patient we visit.


We are committed to our core values which supports our ability to deliver the KIND of pet care that makes a difference!

Our Story
Woman wearing a protective face mask cuddles, plays with her dog at home because of the co


For over a decade, our licensed and skilled nursing team has provided quality care for many pets in NYC specialty hospitals. Over the years, it became clear pet families were overwhelmed after their pet returned home from the hospital. 

Skoop was developed as a visiting pet nursing service that supports families during the COVID pandemic. In spring 2021 our team began our journey to support pet families, promote continuity of care, and reduce unnecessary setbacks.


When social distancing created challenges for veterinarians and pet parents, we decided to create the Upside to Curbside solution! 


Veterinarians can NOW offer a solution to enrich their client experience and patient progress while still being available for hospitalized patients or emergencies. 


We plan to highlight the benefits of visiting veterinary nurse services for pet families, our profession, and the human-animal bond. Our Veterinary Nurses and  Patient Care Advocates are committed to making a difference in your pet's care! 

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