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The Kind of Pet Care that makes a difference.


Skoop is the only Visiting Veterinary Nurse service in New York City that assists pet families with difficult after-care instructions. We travel throughout the five boroughs delivering specialized care for your extra special pets. 

Visiting Veterinary Nurses
of New York City

"Caring for a pet may not change the world, but it will change the world for that pet" 


Support at Your Door!

Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians are dedicated to helping you and your pet through a post-surgical procedure, chronic condition or acute episode.

Wether your pet needs a medication administered, fluid therapy or a yearly diagnostic test we can help you maintain your pets health, stay connected with your veterinarian and remain COVID safe.

We are licensed and insured!

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Our Story

Learn more about our mission, our team and our philosophy.

What We Do

Care that makes a difference.

Opening Hours

 We are open! We are ready to offer our support for pet families.

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Visits, COVID, Pet Care

Our top priorities are to keep appointments smooth, safe and effective.  Learn how we manage all three to provide premium care for your furry companion.

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How Skoop Works

We offer supportive, nursing, and diagnostic services to help you manage their aftercare needs.


We keep your veterinarian in the loop, reduce your stress and keep your pet comfortable. 

Nursing and Diagnostics

Discuss with your veterinarian your aftercare needs or limitations. 

We will work with your veterinarians to achieve the highest level of care for your pet.

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How                benefits pet parents...

 Reduces Stress

You guys have enough to worry about these days. Let us eliminate one less stressor like transportation, curb-side drop-offs and challenging at-home recommendations.

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